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Pitbull Tactical's NEW Universal Mag Carrier!

  • Fits any pistol magazine from a single stack 9mm to a .45 double stack while maintaining a low profile

  • Comfortably conceals inside and outside the waistband

  • Rounds can face forwards or backwards

  • Fits any 1.5 inch belt

Designed for everyday concealed carry

The last mag carrier you'll ever need. The Universal Mag Carrier allows the user to comfortably conceal any pistol magazine from a 9mm single stack to a 45acp double stack. Inside the waistband or outside the waistband. 

By default the Universal Mag Carrier is only as deep as a single stack 9mm. As a magazine is inserted the Universal Mag carrier dynamically adjusts in size. The flared opening and rigid design allows any size mag to be inserted with ease - perfect for gearing up for the day or admin reloads.

When you draw a magazine from the Universal Mag Carrier it decreases back to its thinnest profile, keeping out of the way when not in use.

Pitbull Tactical's NEW Universal Mag Carrier is purpose built and fully injection molded. No screws to contend with. 

Ready to go out of the box! No setup needed.

The Universal Mag Carrier is comprised with two telescoping shells that expand or contract depending on the size of the magazine. A silicone flex band keeps tension on the mag carrier while stainless steel springs provide lateral support for smaller mags.

All of these attributes make the Universal Mag Carrier the smallest, most comfortable, most concealable mag carrier on the market.

Pitbull Tactical's Universal Mag Carrier is black with a dark gray compression flex band and will work OWB or IWB on any 1.5" belt.


Notice: Possible HK 9mm .40cal mag issue

We have received lots of positive feedback from customers that use the Universal Mag Carrier with HK magazines with no problem. However, because HK mags have the bump for their magazine catch on the front of their mags you may experience a spot resistance when drawing your HK mag from the Universal Mag Carrier. This doesn't happen with 45acp HK mags due to the thickness of the mags.

We have already taken steps resolve this in our next production run. Again we have plenty of customers using the Universal Mag Carrier with HK 9mm .40cal mags with no problem. We just wanted you to be aware of the possible issue.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact us at sales@pitbulltactical.com

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