Customer Reviews

The UMC is simple to use, super compact, and high quality. As someone who carries different sidearms in different situations, the versatility is invaluable. The low profile of the UMC makes it easy to build into any covert outfit without sacrificing access or flexibility. Fantastic customer service, too!

- Brian S

Bought these on a whim to after my kydex cracked. Retention is great, but ease of draw for quick reloads. Stay in place both IWB and OWB. Can not recommend enough! 10/10

- Kyle

I purchased this mag carrier because I swap between a single stack 9mm and a double stack 45acp for my EDC depending on my dress attire. I am beyond pleased with its comfort and durability. I will definitely be getting more of them.

- John Knox

I ordered two of the universal magazines and they are awesome! I do not have to worry which firearm I am carrying, because I know these holders will hold any of my magazines I have from single to double stack. If I wear them iwb or owb I know that many magazines are secured!

- Archie T.

This is my first mag holder I bought for cc and its probably the only type I'll carry.
Fits my glock and my S&W .40 mags perfectly.

- Brian Daley

Received mine last week and love it. It is not as bulky as the Blackhawk! mag carrier I was using and is more comfortable to carry.

- Marion McElroy

Ordered 50 of these for the local Sheriffs Department. They love them and they also look good with their uniform.

- Kaufman's Army Surplus

This mag carrier is awesome. The fitment and retention are perfect. Highly recommended.

- Justin Edwards

Available in
three different colors

Universal Mag Carrier fits all mags from 9mm to 45acp

Single or double stack with no adjustments needed. Ambidextrous, right or left hand, IWB or OWB

Fits any pistol magazine from a single stack 9mm to .45 double stack while maintaining a low profile

No screws or adjustments necessary.
Ready to go out of the box.

Comfortably conceals inside and outside the waistband

Rounds can face forwards or backwards
Fits any 1.5 inch belt

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