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The problem with a lot of holster clips is they are the same thickness over the whole clip which leads to breakge in the high stress points pf the clip. The LOCKJAW IWB Clips were designed spread the flex of the clip over a larger area while critical stress points are reinforced. The results are a set of innovative, bomb proof belt clips that will won't break, are easy to put on and take off and most importantly... they won't accidentally come off your belt when you draw your weapon.  

Available in two sizes:
1.5" and 1.75"

The 1.75" LOCKJAW Series IWB Ciips are injection molded and have a tensile strength of 12300 psi.

The 1.5” LOCKJAW Series IWB Ciips are injection molded and have a tensile strength of 7500 psi.

Strength and flexibility, along with a new finger tab, allow for easy on and off the belt without having to string you belt through. Our LOCKJAW Series IWB Clips can fit belts from nylon tactical belts to double layer leather gun belts.

Limited Lifetime Warranty on material defects.
0.88 (in)
3.00 (in)
Bulk Pricing
From 500 to 999 -- Flat rate ($1.50 each)
From 1000 to 2499 -- Flat rate ($1.20 each)
From 2500 to 0 -- Flat rate ($0.90 each)
  • I received the new lockjaw clips to replace a set of their old style that broke on me. These new clips are MASSIVE and I have no fears of them breaking on me at all. The only reason this is not a 5 star review is because the clips are so sturdy as to make putting the holster on and taking it off a bit difficult due to the stiffness. I'm hoping they work in so I can use the clips as intended, having to treat them like closed loops for now though.
  • These things are like a well-behaved pitbull. They lock on tenaciously and won't let go until they're told to. The finger tabs are really easy to lift for removal. Before the LockJaw clips were available I was forced to be very cautious and tentative with the kydex clips. I've altered my Bloodline holster for appendix carry and these clips keep my rig exactly where I want.
  • How about badass? Unlike soft loops that bind when pulling your belt through because they're too aggravating to un-snap, these eliminate that problem. Need to adjust from the 5 to the 3 o'clock position so you can lay down to work on your or someone else's vehicle? Yeah, they do that easily too. The guys in my off-road club were amazed at how rugged and how well I could re-position my holster when someone was stuck or broke on the trail and I needed to adjust my pistol away from dragging it on the rocks and such. Plus they make putting or pulling your holster on/off a breeze. So yeah, badass fits their description well.
  • I had the previous clip versions that came with my bloodline holster and they were horrible. They were so bad that I didn't use the holster due to clips constantly popping off my belt when I sat or practiced drawing my weapon. When I got the email for the lockjaw clips I immediately bought them and now I can wear my bloodline every day with no worries. Perfect retention no matter what I do. Definitely a must have if you have the older clip versions. Very highly recommend!
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