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LOCKJAW Series Wings

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The LOCKJAW Wings alow you to offset belt clips from the holster giving the holster a wider mounting base. This spreads the weight of your gun over a wider portion of your belt and results in greater stability and comfort (no more saggy holster pants!). They also allow you to compenstate for belt loops so you can move a clip without changing your holster position. Our holsters can be worn with or without the wings which adds an extra layer of adjustability to our holsters.

Just like everything we make at Pitbull Tactical, our new LOCKJAW Series Wings are pit bull strong and super adjustable. Engineered with unique geometry that adds strength where it's needed and flexibility where it should be. 

With each purchase you will get two (2) LOCKJAW Series Wings.

Limited Lifetime Warranty on any defects in materials.
1.50 (in)
1.50 (in)
  • They work well
    I prefer to carry appendex and it does ok, comp tech 2 o' clock works better for that, but when I carry at 5 the pit bull is best of all the holsters I own
    Lots of adjustments to make it my choice
  • Spreads holster clips/loops to disperse the weight evenly, It's easy to install on holster and does help with cant, height, ect.
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