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Great looking and comfortable holster at an excellent price. Best of all, unlike some other companies of the "don't call or email us even though we already charged you because it will slow your order down" variety, Pitbull Tactical gets back to you ridiculously fast if you have questions. Great experience!

- Dan
I got my holster! Could not be happier! AWESOME quality! I'm looking forward to doing business again! 
Thanks again,
- Sam - Police Officer

My name is David. I recently took a defensive pistol coarse with Elliot Brass at high desert tactics & training. during the coarse I was using a cheap universal holster being that left handed holsters are difficult to find. Elliot then showed me his pitbull tactical custom holster. I watched him work the holster on the range and was very impressed. Elliot let me know that pitbull also made the holster in left handed so I ordered one. I have never been more satisfied than I am now. The holster is hands down the best I've found for concealment and is so comfortable I forget I'm wearing it. I personally would recommend this holster to anyone in the market for a quality concealment holster.

- David P.


You guys, in my opinion, set the bar for customer service and I will gladly order more in the future.

- Matt C.


First off, thanks to Rich and all the folks at Pitbull Tactical. These folks know what customer service means. The holster is awesome! Exactly what I have been looking for to conceal my 1911. Comfortable and concealable, what else could you ask for? I will definitely be getting Pitbull holsters for all the other weapons I have.

-John G.


Quite some time ago, I spent hours searching for a left handed, light compatible holster to fit my Beretta PX4 Storm Sub-Compact. I found multiple sites that offered holsters, but none of which were lefties, and the ones that were, weren't light compatible. At the end of my wits and strung out, I luckily stumbled onto the website. I sent Jeff an email asking if he could custom make a holster that would fit my pistol, with it's Insight X-2 Subcompact light attached. Within minutes I received a response saying that he would. I sent in my light, and within that very month, received both my holster and light back in the same condition it left me. The holster was a perfect fit with the light attached, and I was extremely satisfied with the quality of the product. The best thing about this experience with Jeff and Pitbull Tactical, is his professionalism and courtesy towards customers. His communication is fast and he works with you on a personal level to get what you need accomplished. I have already recommended his products and website to other friends and coworkers, and in the future, will purchase more products from him.

-Nathan P.


For those of you who can't really find that perfect holster for your weapon look no more. I work in law enforcment and was actually looking for two types of holsters: one for off duty and one for more of a "tactical" purpose for plain clothes and other operations. I stumbled accross Jeff's light compatible holster ( my department requires tac lights... ). I almost couldn't believe that a holster that would fit a glock 23 with a tlr 1 would be fuctional as IWB and OWB as advertised but man was I wrong. I am normal sized and I can wear the holster with shorts and a t shirt..IWB/OWB and you can't tell its there. That's pretty amazing when you consider you are carrying around a tac light. It has great retention and will NOT accidentally fall out. It is very comfortable to wear and most times you can't tell its there. I give it a 10/10. One thing most people don't like is when you wear it OWB there is no way to cant the holster. Not a big deal to me. So if you want a dual functioning holster, that really is bomb proof stop waisting your time. Order it already. Great price, great wait time, and great customer service. Long story short, Jeff made me one holster that made up for two that I wear everyday. Thanks Jeff!!

-Brian R


I purchased two holsters from Jeff and I have to say that it was a pleasure dealing with him. His customer service is top notch and he is not hesitant to go above and beyond to make his customers happy and completely satisfied with the product they have purchased.

As for the holsters that I have received, what can I say. They are excellent. Both in fit and finish. They are comfortable and allow a small framed individual, such as myself, to conceal a full framed pistol with little or no printing. As for comfort. I can wear either holster all day long, both OWB and IWB configurations. They are durable and tough and can handle all the dings and bumps that you will experience in everyday activities. To sum it all up, it is a holster that I can depend on and has all the qualities that I have searched for. I will not hesitate to refer Jeff and his products to my colleagues and others that are looking for quality producs.

Thank you again to Jeff for his exceptional and outstanding products and customer service! I look forward to dealing with Pitbull Tactical again in the near future.

-Doug R


Just got my new light-bearing holster in the mail! I've looked everywhere for a kydex-style rig for my Springfield Armory 4" Champion Operator with rail. Jeff @ Pitbull Tactical was the only one who would work with me to make this holster.

This thing is the Bomb! Nice snug fit, took a few draws to trim the molding, but I am extremely happy overall. Well done, fellas. More business from me to come.

--Ofc. John


I have been searching for a good quality holster for my SIG PRO! Finally i came across Pitbull Tactical.I contacted them and got a response back in no time from Jeff the owner himself!He answered all my questions about his product!So i placed the order.In 2 weeks i got my holster and was very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of his work,the retention was perfect,and its 2 holsters in one, IWb and OWB!! Cant beat that for the price and turn around time,unlike some other well known company we know of!! I recommend his product to anyone that is looking for a great all in one holster! Thanks for the great product Jeff!! ILL BE BACK!!!!

-Johnn C


Not wanting to wait five months for a kydex holster from another well known shop, I decided to order from PitBull. I had my holster in a little over two weeks. The quality of this holster is excellent. No sharp edges, everything lines up, and my HK45c rides high and tight. For the base price the holster comes with both IWB and OWB attachments, which is something that not everyone else does. I'm a happy customer and will be ordering more holsters from Pitbull.

-Greg G


After reading positive comments about Pitbull Tactical, I placed an order for a holster for a Kahr P9. Jeff said that his mold for it was incorrect, but he would see what he could do if I was willing to give it a try. Two weeks later the holster arrived, and it is outstanding. I think I am one of the few people without a box full of holsters, since my search ended on the first try with the arrival of this one from Pitbull Tactical. Jeff did excellent work and was great to work with. I will recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great kydex holster.

-Mike E.


I placed a small ammo order online Saturday afternoon and it arrived today. Received an email when I ordered, an updated order email when it was ready for shipping and a UPS email when to expect shipment. Folks, this is the way it is supposed to w*rk.

Thanks Jeff, it's been a good experience, you'll see more of my money down the road.



I'm a well known Forum member on SigForum and I've seen all kinds of sellers.....
Jeff and Pitbull go above and beyond to give the "Personal" touch to business.
He's got great prices and I always get a return email to my questions in a prompt matter.
Placed my ammo order and 4 days later I had the .223 ammo in my hands!! Now that is fast shipping!
He even answered a question I had about an Item he wasn't selling!!!!

+10000 for Jeff and Pitbull order and buy with confidence!

I'll be a return customer!!!



Ordered Art of the Tactical Carbine 1 on the weekend, got it Wednesday. Great service, great guy. Will do business again soon.



Just got 400 rds of Fiocchi .223. Shipped fast and headache free. Thanks for the great service, I will be ordering more soon!



After looking around for some Magpul stuff (CTR, MIAD), I found the best price with Pitbull. Took less than a week to get my order. Will be doing more business with them.




I purchased a couple things a few weeks ago to use in my upcoming deployment. Price was great, and shipping was extremely fast.

Well, when trying out my MS2 sling on the rifle range, I somehow broke the quick release pin. I first called Magpul, but they were closed (it was a sunday). So I sent Jeff an email asking what my best course of action would be, fully expecting that I'd get a response a day or two later (it
was a Sunday after all) telling me to call Magpul.

Well, about 20 minutes later I had an email from Jeff saying that he'd have a new MS2 shipped to me on Monday, with a return shipping label included so that I could send back the broken sling.

Sure enough, when I got home, the replacement MS2 was waiting for me. I cannot say enough about the great customer service I received. I owe them a huge thank you, and I highly recommend them.



I must concur with all the other posts....Pitbull Tactical is AWESOME!!!!

They got my order to me in a flash...only two business days after placing my order...WOW.

Order with confidence. I know I will be ordering more products to feed my need from him again soon.



I have dealt with Jeff on a few firearm transfers. He's very accomadating and a great guy to do business with.

-Mike S.

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