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Pitbull Tactical's NEW Universal Mag Carrier!

  • Fits any pistol magazine from a single stack 9mm to a .45 double stack while maintaining a low profile

  • Comfortably conceals inside and outside the waistband

  • Rounds can face forwards or backwards

  • Fits any 1.5 inch belt


Danny "Gator" Firebase Combat Studies Group

"I have been running my UMC for several weeks now and I am impressed. I am constantly switching back and forth between guns like the Glock 17, 19, 43 and the 1911. Having one magazine pouch that can handle a variety of options cuts down on the extra gear. Also, depending on how I am dressed, I may need to switch up how I run magazines. Most of the time, I carry inside the waistband. The UMC makes it easy to move magazines to different positions on the belt with ease. I find the rubberized material on the outside of the UMC helps with comfort while carrying IWB. The UMC has been a great addition to my kit. Looking forward to more innovative ideas!"

Designed for everyday concealed carry

The last mag carrier you'll ever need. The Universal Mag Carrier allows the user to comfortably conceal any pistol magazine from a 9mm single stack to a 45acp double stack. Inside the waistband or outside the waistband. 

By default the Universal Mag Carrier is only as deep as a single stack 9mm. As a magazine is inserted the Universal Mag carrier dynamically adjusts in size. The flared opening and rigid design allows any size mag to be inserted with ease - perfect for gearing up for the day or admin reloads.

When you draw a magazine from the Universal Mag Carrier it decreases back to its thinnest profile, keeping out of the way when not in use.

Pitbull Tactical's NEW Universal Mag Carrier is purpose built and fully injection molded. No screws to contend with. 

Ready to go out of the box! No setup needed.

The Universal Mag Carrier is comprised with two telescoping shells that expand or contract depending on the size of the magazine. A silicone flex band keeps tension on the mag carrier while stainless steel springs provide lateral support for smaller mags.

All of these attributes make the Universal Mag Carrier the smallest, most comfortable, most concealable mag carrier on the market.

Pitbull Tactical's Universal Mag Carrier is black with a dark gray compression flex band and will work OWB or IWB on any 1.5" belt.


Dave Rhoden Writer / Firearms instructor

"If you own multiple calibers of handguns, you'll want the Universal Mag Carrier from Pitbull Tactical. I've literally seen them hold everything from a .32 Tomcat steel mag up to a double-stack .45. I can take them to a class and know I've got a spare carrier for any student that's forgotten theirs, and they work IWB and OWB. They're thin, lightweight, durable, comfortable, truly universal, and you literally can't beat the price. My only gripe is they didn't make them sooner!"



  • I have three other "universal" magazine carriers, but I always have my eyes out for a better option. I haven't found one yet that is perfect, but this one is VERY close. It is very small, very light, and very concealable. While the tension system isn't my first choice in terms of design, it is VERY effective. In fact, given the way this is designed, they could lighten it further without compromising the tension, and effectively skeletonize it, which would look pretty cool. Aside from some color options instead of just black, I think it is awesome looking, and compared to the other universals I have, this beats them all on price by a wide margin. Very well done!
  • The UMC is simple to use, super compact, and high quality. As someone who carries different sidearms in different situations, the versatility is invaluable. The low profile of the UMC makes it easy to build into any covert outfit without sacrificing access or flexibility. Fantastic customer service, too!
  • I purchased the Universal Mag Carrier on the “advanced”sale before the product was actually available.

    The build quality and features are excellent. I am giving the carrier 4 stars because I have a Big Foot 18 ounce gun belt with a steel core. This belt is absolutely the best but the belt is 1/4 inch thick and the mag carrier is an extremely tight fit on the belt. When the mag carrier is inserted and removed from the belt the two plastic teeth on the mag carrier cut into the back of the belt.

    Hopefully in a future production run the mag carrier will be changed to easily slide onto a little thicker belt.
  • Bought these on a whim to after my kydex cracked. Retention is great, but ease of draw for quick reloads. Stay in place both IWB and OWB. Can not recommend enough! 10/10
  • When I was looking for a mag carrier, I wanted something secure and flexible. This mag carrier is about the best blend of both that you're likely to get. It uses a ruggedized elastic band to keep your mag secure and in place. While this does not have the security of a custom kydex mag pouch, it beats any cloth or leather pouch in security and any custom kydex pouch in versatility. You can fit basically any single or double stack mag in it and it hold it snugly. While I would not choose this to use with a designated duty gun, it is a fantastic for training or for the CCW carrier that hasn't made their mind up on a carry weapon. I plan on getting a couple more of these in the near future and heartily recommend it.
  • As a professional firearms instructor, I highly recommend Pitbull Tactical's Universal Mag Carrier. I have multiple self defense firearms that I like to carry from day to day and the situation and dress depict what gun I'll be carrying. With the Universal Mag Carrier I don't even have to worry about which mag holster I'll be using. I recommend them to all of my students and advertise them on our FB page and website. I'm not gentle with my equipment and use them on a daily basis. Very durable and can withstand the pressure I put on them! You can't go wrong with the Universal Mag Carrier!
  • I’ve been wanting to carry an extra mag and was always skeptical to get a carrier. I stumbled across PT on Facebook. Looked at the reviews and thought immediately that I had to have it. I’ve carried it IWB and OWB and either way I carry it, it’s comfortable and never gets in the way. I highly recommend it and honestly for the price, I should order another one or 2 to have as spares. Also, customer service is exceptional when I called the next day. Good job PT and thank you!
  • Before I bought it, I was very skeptical about the construction of the magazine holder. But after having it for a few weeks, I can say it's better than I thought it would be. It does exactly what they say it will. It holds my single and double stack mags really well. My only complaint is the teeth on the clip are sharp and they are leaving marks on my belt. I dunno, I could probably file them down a bit. But other than that, I really like it.
  • Being former military and currently a fugitive recovery agent I have used multiple different mag carriers. This is by far the best i have used. The mag sits perfectly and is extremely secure. Havent had it move or shift at all! Product is well built and very thought out. Will def be my primary mag carrier from here on out. Great job Putbull
  • These mag carriers are great. Ease of use is a 10 out of 10. Fit several of my magazines without any issues. Magazines go in smooth and have the right amount of retention. When doing mag changes I was able to draw the magazine without the clip coming off of my belt, and the carrier retention wasn't so tight that taking the mag out would be an issue like I've found with some other carriers. I run these on my range set up OWB and also carry IWB when out and about. Overall I'm happy. Great price, great product.
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